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Tiffane Nicol

The visionary behind this event, Tiffane Nicol is a multi talented Atlanta native with over 15 years of professional experience in the hair and beauty industry. Tiffane, a serial entrepreneur, has touched every aspect of the hair and beauty industry in her years of experience. The founder of Style Mobb University (SMU), the first culture-driven HBCU beauty school running an advance training academy and cosmetology program to help create award-winning beauty and barber professionals. Her achievements in the industry have made her a pacesetter with amazing contributions. Tiffane’s SMU was founded after her many years in the beauty industry. After 13 years of owning salons, training cosmetologists and working every position within the beauty business, she leveraged the wisdom of her experience to become a Beauty Business entrepreneur.


Tiffane’s years of experience as a salon owner and thereafter as a beauty educator in the business management space has guided her steps towards launching the world’s first Beauty and Barber Bosses Awards, which for her has been a long time dream right from when she was only 16 and starting out in the industry. Motivated by the desire to become a global expert in her field, she is always diligent and hardworking, always open to growth and development of skill, and never competing with other beauty professionals. Tiffane’s biggest desire is to celebrate and bring out the best in others. To this end, she has made a commitment to employ, teach, and manage some of Atlanta’s best Nail Techs, Makeup Artists, and hairstylists. Her legacy is almost never-ending in accomplishments.


Researching over 10 years of know-how, tact, and finesse, Tiffane has learned the skills in leadership, teamwork, and organization unique to the beauty and cosmetics industry, and now brings them to bear in her work to serve clients as a Beauty Business and Brand Consultant. With deep industry knowledge, coupled with an analytical and detail-oriented approach, she is equipped to understand the needs of the most discerning clients, delivering an experience rooted in customer service, integrity, and expertise. Credit to her industry prowess, she has developed a wide client base that ranges from normal clients to A-list celebrities and networks such as R-Kelly, Mary Mary, the cast of Love & Hip Hop, Usher, E TV, and the BET Awards among others. Her strong sales and customer services skills make her a keen advocate for her company, proactively seeking out new ways to enhance her services and to continually attain excellence, with client satisfaction the ultimate objective.


As a serial entrepreneur and the first person to own a 24-hour hair salon in Atlanta, Diamonds and Pearls Image Studio, Tiffane’s worth as a beautician and cosmetologist is unmatched. Despite all her successes and achievements, she maintains her impressive personal and professional skills. Throughout her services, she makes sure to use effective and efficient communication, time management and organizational skills all while paying close attention to detail; bringing her best self to the task with a positive attitude and smile in order to get things done.


Living Beautifully 

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