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Bosses Awards
January 30th


The Beauty & Barber Bosses Awards (BBB Awards) represents the voices of Hairstylists, Makeup Artists, Nail Techs, Barbers, and all beauty industry professionals. Dedicated to ensuring the professional beauty arts remain a thriving part of our shared cultural heritage, the BBB Awards honor the hair and beauty industry history while investing in its future, advocates on behalf of beauty creators, and celebrates artistic excellence. Beauty is the original melting pot—a unifying blend of creeds and cultures. It makes us joyful,  lifts our spirit, and enhance our naturally beautiful canvas. 


The BBB Awards are presented to recognize achievements in the beauty and barber industry. The BBB Awards is the first major hair and beauty professionals awards held annually. The annual awards ceremony features performances by prominent artists and presentation of awards that showcase achievements made by industry professionals.

1st  Annual year award show in honor of  Madam C. J. Walker. Host by Cliff Vmir and the  Miss International Ambassador Pageant Queens.   After party immediately following awards show...  The creator Tiffane Nicol the creator birthday celebration.


Tiffane Nicol
Founder of 

Terrence Davidson Headshot .jpg

Terrence Davidson
Award winning Hairstylist 


Raybaby Nails.png
KiKi Finley Headshot .jpg

Rachel "Raybaby" Odom

Nail Artist 



Toni "Ant" Banks
Celebrity barber  



Candace Holyfield
Award Winning Spa 


Cierra Thompson Head shot.jpg

Cierra Thompson
Executive Producer 


tiff canva resize_edited.png
The 1st Annual Award Show for the Beauty & Barber Bosses 
BBB Awards  Committee

KiKi Finely 
Music Management  


Beauty & Barber Awards

January 30, 2022

Atlanta, GA 



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Beauty Awards
Salon of the Year
Hair Extensions of the Year
Hair Cutter of the Year
Hairstylist of the Year
Wig Designer of the Year
Beauty Distributor of the Year
Braider of the Year
Hair Colorist of the Year
Beauty Blogger of the Year

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Barber Awards
Barber of the Year
Barbershop of the Year

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Nail Awards
Nail Tech of the Year
Nail Salon of the Year

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Makeup Awards
Makeup Artist of the Year
Beauty Bar of the Year
Lash Tech of the Year

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Aesthetic Awards
Spa of the Year
Skin Care of the Year
Body Contouring Tech of the Year
Aesthetician of the Year

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Bosses Awards
Educator of the Year
Student of the Year
B & B Boss of the Year

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